25 years and still a best seller?!  Hint: it’s still making people rich!

Ok, well the book itself is not making people rich, but the knowledge and numerous “aha moments” will! I have listened to thousands of hours of interviews with some of the richest and most successful people in the world — this book is mentioned more than any other, hands down. Why? Well for one, this book change how you see money (or at least it should). We are not taught much financial education in school, and if anything the information we are given is arguably useless. Following the very inspirational and eye-opening chapters of this book, the author does an outstanding job of showing how it is possible for almost anyone to build wealth through investing in assets such as real estate and small businesses, rather than relying solely on traditional forms of income.

Alright, it’s the 21 century and attention spans are short, so without further ado I will reveal this book, followed by some remaining notes and personal takes:

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Ok, maybe you’ve heard of this book, maybe not. If you have, great, but do not eye roll — less we not forget that books do not become best sellers for no reasons.

I was first turned onto to this site in my quest for passive income and was impressed by the richerrental.com‘s down to earth and “real” take on this books, as well as their other three top picks.

Alright, now for my closing points:

• This book cannot be unread! When was the last time someone said that about book?
• The storytelling is motivational and the financial opportunity insights made it hard to put the book down.
• This book is basically pandora’s box. Once I finshed reading this book I went on to read dozens more on related topics as well as started my YouTube binge journey, devouring as much financial content as a could.

Today, I am not yet a rich man, but I am well on my way. I don’t think I would be even close to where I am today without the book. Take a read, and check it out. The worst that can happen is saying that you read one of the best selling books in the world and thought it was meh!